Disclaimer — A Novel — Really Strikes a Nerve



Wow!  Disclaimer  —  A Novel, by Renee Knight, really struck a nerve.  This new novel is brilliantly plotted to ignite that uncomfortable feeling that something from our past is going to come back and hurt us.  Whether you are a world class brooder like Stephen or a less self-aware personality like Catherine (both brilliantly realized characters in this amazing book), the premise is terrifying.  In Disclaimer, the  situation careens out of control and the characters struggle with guilt, misperceptions and helplessness.  They are also forced to adapt to new and unanticipated landscapes.  The story, set in what appears at first to be a very civilized London, is told in short chapters from multiple first person points of few, and it just grabs you because you really want to know what these people are thinking.  I dreaded what was to come, but I couldn’t stop reading.  Only after I finished the book was I able to sit back and appreciate the compelling way that this book reminds us how much we like to tell ourselves that something awful is over and behind us or that some unfortunate event hasn’t really affected us or our children.  This book begs to differ.  I strongly recommend it.

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