Cliff Walk — An Excellent Mystery Set in a Very Seedy Rhode Island


Cliff Walk, by Bruce DeSilva is an excellent murder mystery featuring Liam Mulligan as an investigative reporter for a failing Providence newspaper.  Mulligan stumbles on a murder off the Cliff Walk, in posh Newport, Rhode Island, and begins to investigate.  His search is hampered by layer upon layer of corruption and a plethora of threatening, if colorful characters.  Like Mulligan, these other characters are well drawn, while the failing newspaper adds a gloomy backdrop to the action.   As in most noir-type mysteries, most of the characters are drawn in different shades of murky gray.  At times the novel even seems claustrophobic, because so much of the action takes place in such a circumscribed area and because there are so many shady characters.  In the end, this is an entertaining and well written mystery, with a very intriguing setting.


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