X — Another Great Kinsey Milhone Mystery

imageSue Grafton’s X is another fun Kinsey Millhone mystery.  Millhone is the reason to read this alphabetical series, which started with A Is for Alibi.  Kinsey Millhone is a twice-divorced and happily independent private detective.   It is sort of amazing that Grafton has been able to write such a consistently entertaining series based on just one relatively normal character, who isn’t grappling with some intense personal tragedy.  Millhone doesn’t have a sidekick, but she does have a charmingly cranky personality with a hefty curiosity component.  She is happily single and enjoys her life and her small group of friends.   It is always satisfying to read about a heroine who isn’t obsessed with her own looks or looking for romance.  Kinsey Millhone is a well-developed character who is comfortable in her own skin and has no trouble keeping us interested in what she is going to do next.

is jammed with subplots and interesting characters.  The plot isn’t particularly tight or organized, but the twists are clever and entertaining.  In X, Millhone lets her curiosity take over.  She’s got some money in the bank for a change, so she can pursue some odd leads just to put matters to rest for herself in this tangled tale.  Her approach is increasingly whimsical and accepting of human frailties.

I recommend this and the other books in Sue Grafton’s wonderful series.   These books hold your interest through interesting characters and intelligent story lines, rather than excessive sex and violence.




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