A Man Called Ove Has Been Made into a Movie!

For all of us who loved Fredrik Backman’s novel A Man Called Ove, it is great news that his wonderful novel has been made into a movie.  It kind of slipped into a couple of New York theatres this weekend with precious little if any publicity.  I’m not sure anything will top the experience of reading the novel for the first time, but this is a very good movie.  It is particularly good at telling Ove’s back story — how and why he became the stubborn, remote and defeated man we find at the beginning of the movie.   The acting is excellent, particularly that of the pregnant Iranian neighbor (played by Bahar Pars) and her two daughters.  Filipino Berg’s performance as the young Ove is very effective at setting the stage for the older Ove (played by Rolf Lassgard).   Lassgard gives a moving and convincing performance as the older Ove who is struggling with profound grief.  Ove is determined to disengage from the world, while at the same time he is absolutely compulsive about other peoples’ failure to follow the rules and behave intelligently.  I also really liked the performance of Ida Engvoll as Sonja, Ove’s young wife.  The film’s ending is predictable, but it is also lovely.  This is a very human movie  —  there are laughs an tears, but not too many of the latter.  I really recommend it.


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