Doing Dangerously Well – A Scary/Funny Novel about Water, Corruption and International Interference in Nigeria



This is a great book!  For no particular reason except my obsessive alphabetical-by-author selection process, I recently picked up and devoured Carole Enahoro’s 2010 over-the-top novel Doing Dangerously Well.   This chillingly funny book concerns the exploits and machinations of a sleazy bunch of characters determined to sew up and profit from monopolizing Nigeria’s water supply.  There are the corrupt, paranoid politicians on the ground in Nigeria and then there are the corporate sharks of a huge, blatantly corrupt American conglomerate.  On both sides of the ocean, the parties are so busy fighting among themselves that they fail to account for outside opposition to their overall plan.  Mary and Barbara Glass, two sisters on opposite pages about everything except for the glee they each share in tromping  the other, provide a crazy theme of family failure to complete this oddball satire about the deadly business of access to water.  You really need to read this book.  It is just amazing!

Carole Enahoro, the author, has a Nigerian father and an English mother, and has grown up in Nigeria, Britain and Canada.  In addition to her parental and geographic diversity, Enahoro, has pursued a wide range of interests, including teaching geography at the the University of London and working in television.  At the time this book was published, she was working on a PhD in spatial practice, power and satire in Nigeria’s capital.  Her diverse talents are brilliantly employed in this novel and I really hope she writes another one.  Soon.  In the meantime, someone really needs to make a movie out of this.  The part of over-the-top Barbara is completely made for Toni Collette, and Julia Roberts would have a blast as the evil corporate sister.  


A Child’s First Book of Trump is NOT  for Children, but It is Hilarious

A Child’s First Book of Trump is for the child in all of us, but it isn’t literally for children.  It’s a little crude and is really written for adults.  Michael Ian Black and Marc Rosenthal have written a very funny book with fantastic illustrations that capture the angry toddler side of Donald Trump.  This book would be even funnier, except for the fact that this horrid little caricature is actually running for President.