About me

I spent most of my childhood curled up on the sofa with a good book, and with our beagle Kate stretched across my lap, so that I could scratch her stomach while I read.  Kate passed away many years ago, but I am still reading and have to credit Kate for the steadfast support she gave me all those years.  More currently, I am a mediator, arbitrator and healthcare attorney who has returned to New York’s Upper West Side after 27 years living in Squirrel Hill, the Upper West Side of Pittsburgh. I remain an addicted and opinionated reader.  This blog will cover some of the books I have been reading and also highlight some of my all-time favorites.

Some of my particular interests include non-fiction (biographies, the arts, history, etc), but I also inhale mysteries and all sorts of novels.  But, don’t look here for discussions of the supernatural.

Finally, I am the very proud mother of two young women who were read to from birth, and I will be happily recommending some of the best kids books, including the books every young feminist should read.


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