“Widows” is a Must-See Movie!

“Widows” is a fierce, compelling film. You have to see it! Once again Viola Davis shows she is incomparable. I love her fierceness and ingenuity. The film tells the story of how a group of women react to being widowed after their criminal husbands get killed in a heist gone wrong. They don’t have time to mourn; they think fast and get creative and bold. They don’t know each other and have no particularly good reason to trust each other, but they work together for lack of a better alternative. It is fun to watch their brand of steel and ingenuity.

This is a fast moving, complex tale featuring stunning acting. The entire cast is brilliant, but I keep thinking of Viola Davis. Her mixture of passion, toughness and brains drives the movie and maintains the tension and suspense.

This movie should be one of the hits of the year, so please support it!


Beauty by Raphael Selbourne

Raphael Selbourne’s Beauty is captivating. I loved this novel and resented all interruptions, particularly during the last 100 pages or so.

Set in Wolverhampton, a city in central England, Beauty tells the story of Beauty, a young, abused Bengali Muslim woman, trapped in a miserable and threatening family. Beauty’s gradual understanding of the non-Muslim world and her personal transformation beginwhen she is forced to participate in job training in order to preserve her state benefits. Suddenly thrust into a new, confusing environment while still being pummeled at home is confusing and frightening, but Beauty takes note of the outside world and ultimately opts to take some risk. Two confused and immature English men show up to help her at this time of great crisis in her life. Other strangers are not so kind, and then there deeply flawed people who nonetheless step up to the plate.

That’s the premise of those wonderful novel. There are characters with unsuspected depth and courage, and there are some dreadful people on the other end of the spectrum. Their interactions set a fine and highly interesting pace for this book. At the center is Beauty, a damaged young woman raised to fear and condemn everything outside her family’s milieu. But, under immense pressure, she observes everything through increasingly interested eyes. The process is fascinating. Selbourne has created a unique character and a very rich story.

I highly recommend this book.