Beautiful, Thoughtful Small Town Novel


One of the saddest things about Our Souls at NIght by Kent Haruf is knowing that this short, beautiful novel is his last book.  Mr. Haruf died at the age of 71, shortly before the book’s publication, and this was only his sixth novel.  I plan to track down the other five.

The story of Our Souls at NIght is simple and very moving.  A new and resilient approach to old age is presented by simply drawn characters in a small town setting.  It seems right that this book was written by an older person, because the book’s perspective is that of someone who has lived an active life and is now is in a position to reflect upon what means to slow down and be alone.  The warmth and creativity of the story is captivating.   It is a wonderful, sensitive novel that can be read pretty quickly, but keeps you thinking long afterward.  This will be the perfect book for you to read this summer.  It may also inspire you to expand your options when your world seems too narrow or lonely.


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